Brief Update

17 Mar

Hello everyone,

I need to take a moment to address some of the questions that have been asked recently.

Dazzle Me Rattery is not going anywhere.  We are considerably jaded, and perhaps a bit cynical over the experiences we’ve had over the last year, and some of the issues we’ve encountered in our line for years. Sometimes you have to take a step back and remember what is truly important in what you do and refresh yourself and your program in the interim.  Additionally, more recently and more importantly, I’m working long hours at my real job and have dedicated myself to my fitness goals. Outside of this, much of my time is spent caring for the critters – most of which are now geriatric. As much as I would absolutely love to be doting on a litter of dumbo bubs (I miss them!), I do not currently have the time it would take to do it all properly. We still need to run bloodwork.  We will no longer be breeding for Russian Cinnamon, Fawn and Siamese. We will be working toward breeding and standardizing Honey Cinnamon, and going back to our roots with marked American Blues/Russian Silvers.  The website will reflect all of these changes as time and desire simultaneously permits. We do not expect to have any pups available for a few months at best.

Patience is a virtue!

Thanks for reading.  As always, any and all inquiries are welcome.


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Accidental Litters & Our Community

16 Apr

Accidental litters happen to a lot of people. Recently the cases of Oops litters have become far more frequent than previous times. Sometimes the situations are legit — brought home a pregnant mom. Sometimes, and more often than not as of late, they are purposeful litters bred to experience the wonderful joys of babyhood. But then those people come here to adopt them out. They get the fun part of raising the babies — even if it does come at an added expense. But then they get to adopt them out, sometimes getting reimbursed for their “troubles” and those babies go on their merry way to new homes – if the person is lucky. Sometimes their methods backfire, and they’re stuck with the whole litter that they had no intentions of keeping. Then it becomes an emergency situation and rescues are called upon to bail them out.

I think that if you are going to have an Oops litter on purpose, then you should own up and keep every single one. If you want to experience the “joys” of babyhood there are ways to go about this — fostering a pregnant rat for example. But if you’re going to ignore all of the facts, all of the education that is provided, and still go forth and “accidentally” breed your rats — keep them all. You want the experience. Keep them all through the ENTIRE experience of wrongful breeding. Keep them through their babyhood, their oh so cute and irresistible age. Then keep them on through their teenage months. Through their adolescent months. Up and over their first year. Into their senior months and when they’ve gone fully geriatric on you and start coming up with tumors, eye issues, hind end paralysis, constant respiratory infections, heart disease, kidney failure among many other things — then you tell us how great it is to have purposely bred your rats. Tell us then that an emergency spay would have been too costly, after shelling out $700 on a 14mo rat with heart disease just in time to need to remove multiple tumors on another sibling.

If all you do is experience the good, the fun part of raising babies, and not gain the FULL experience of YOUR actions, then you will likely do it again. If you want to raise babies that bad, then raise them. But don’t shuffle them off. Keep them to see what the FULL outcome of your mistake will be. And then look those poor rats in the eye when they come up with cancers, tumors, heart disease, and tell them you’d GLADLY make the same mistakes again.