RFL 2012 Spring Show

Show Held May 12, 2012

Official Show Results

BVR Hatta took home all the pretty ribbons!

Rats Exhibited by Dazzle Me Rattery:

DAZL Bo Peep - 2nd Agouti Marked DoeMLWR Greymalkin - Did Not Place
BVR Agnes Nutter - Did Not PlaceBVR Watt - Did Not Place
BVR Scarlett - Scratched at Health CheckDAZL Slinky - Scratched before Show 

The RFL Info board

RFL Varieties

Bao Varakhii Rattery

Dazzle Me Rattery

FarStar Rattery

Moonlit Waters Rattery

So Licky Rattery

Billie's Bunks

Billie's Bunks

Beth of Moonlit Waters Rattery with FSTR Triton

Ribbon Lineup



Judging Standard, ribbons, comment cards

Colorpoint Bucks

Gabe of BVR judging the Colorpoints

Best Colorpoint Buck SLKY Myagkiy Znak

Tiffany of So Licky Rattery judging Agouti Bucks

Gooey Rat - BVR Betelgeuse

Sleepy Rat!

Non-Agouti Does waiting to be judged.

Kirstin of FarStar Rattery judging Youth Does

Cute little SLKY Sashay

MLWR Archimedes took Best Youth

Difficult Decisions

More decisions...

Best Colorpoints, Agoutis, Non-Agoutis

Choosing Best Buck

BVR Hatta won Best in Show!

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