RFL 2012 Fall Show

Show Held October 20, 2012

Official Show Results Page (coming soon!)

DAZL Star Magnolia modeling the ribbons awarded to our Comeback Crew

Our placements were largely by default at this show, but we are just happy to have been able to exhibit our crew.
DAZL Tuckeroo did the best of our group by taking Best Agouti Self Buck out of some 13 entries. 

Rats Exhibited by Dazzle Me Rattery:

DAZL Tuckeroo - Best Agouti Self BuckDAZL Redwood - Did Not Place
DAZL Il Duce - Best Agouti Marked (Other) BuckDAZL Mahogany - Did Not Place
DAZL Woolybutt - Best Provisional BuckDAZL Sycamore - Did Not Place
DAZL Star Magnolia - Best Provisional Doe, Best ProvisionalBVR Watt - Did Not Place
DAZL Connor MacManus - 2nd Agouti Marked (Berkshires) BuckDAZL Murphy MacManus - Did Not Place
DAZL Smecker - 2nd Agouti Marked (Other) BuckMLWR Greymalkin - Did Not Place
DAZL Eunice Bloom - 2nd Agouti Marked DoeFSTR Ariel - Did Not Place
DAZL Teak - 2nd Provisional BuckDAZL Trinity Pear - Did Not Place
DAZL Rosewood - 2nd Provisional Doe

Tori & Megan of T & M Curious Critters performing Health Checks

Deb / Addicted2Rats at the Bake Sale table

The Raffle Table

Paint-a-Rattie to benefit rescue

The only rats you'll find available to take home at these shows!

Tiffany of So Licky Rattery made these adorable hand-painted boxes that house the pralines

Awards & Ribbons

Gabe of Bao Varakhii Rattery judging the Colorpoint section
Tori of T & M Curious Critters recording comments

Dazzle Me Rattery bucks ready for their class

Tiffany of So Licky Rattery ready to judge the Agouti Bucks

Nichole of Billie's Bunks showcasing her beautiful handiwork

Colorful hammocks by BVR's Hammock Shoppe

Wrap City Bean Bag Chairs & RaToobs

So many awesome RaToobs!

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